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Monday, October 28, 2013


We are no exception . As a family we love travelling .  We love the planning process which invariably leaves at least one ( actually make it 4! ) of us  getting upset about the choice of place , the mode of travel or the itinerary . One leaving the room angrily . And the other just taking the golden opportunity for a power Nap. Two more seizing the opportunity to watch Television. All your guesses about "who is who ?" is right.

While I and my DH love visiting old , heritage Temple sites   ( not in the least out of any religious inclination ..lest you get the wrong idea. ).

My daughter loves places where there is scope for getting her mom killed by just looking at her indulge in adventure sports . Or a place which has Animals . Nothing much actually .. A cow that can be milked , A Peacock that can be fed , A Deer that can be endeared ...or at least a Dog or a Cat or a Sheep or a Lamb. Or may be an  Aviary . If nothing else , at least a  Python that can be worn as a garland .

"Don't worry Shakthi , there will be lot of rats and roaches  in the place where we plan to stay"..
 That is Sashvat  who manages to stay alive and in one piece after his punch lines .

My son loves any place which has a museum , (Science museums in particular- Old dingy ,dark places  with rickety stairs ,where nothing works according to Shakti . ) or any place which has scope for water sports or biking and that serves Dhal and Rice . Cant live without his Rice and rides .

See how complex it is right from the planning stage ? Which is why we end up in our favorite corners at home and into our elements . PSP , DS , Lappie , or a book .   I go on hartal and down the shutters of the Kitchen . Why miss a golden opportunity ?!

We do  strike a deal at times  and actually get going .  One of their choice and one of ours . If there is scope only for one holiday in that year ,  Its obviously our choice . ( I will be using "ours " loosely to mean "my " in the coming pages ).

Ah ! Like most Indians we are a confused lot when it comes to vacationing /holidaying - for  sight seeing or relaxing ?? 

Lets say away from home .

Only when we do road trips there is no such confusion as DH  just hits the sack after the long drive and gets up just the morning before we need to leave .  Kids end up watching 24/7 TV (why miss the golden opportunity ? Their turn now ) while I curse myself for not carrying a book in my attempt to travel light . Out of sheer lack of choice , I end up devouring  deep fried delicacies and drown my sorrows with degree kaapi.

We all love him .He loves driving . We don't love ( him ) driving .

Met an Australian couple once who said they were on a Book reading holiday . The very thought of such a holiday is  as far as the Kangaroo land to me .

But someday I will do a "book reading Holiday " . And Blog about it . May be a new blog ? Just for Book reviews !  Don't know about you all , but I cant wait !

In the rare event that we actually get going and  try to fit in the  many things to make  everyone happy ..This is my standard dialogue on arrival back home . 

"I am So tired ! need a vacation " .

I don't even have to say it nowadays .One of  my  beloved family members  mimic me.

But all this hasn't stopped us from planning , cancelling , rescheduling and sometimes  by streaks of good luck actually making it to places as planned .

YATRA ! is my new blog about all such travails and trivia.

The good news is , It is a photo blog with very little or no narration .

Not planning to follow any chronological order . It is going to be based on the set of photographs that are easily available .

So , Watch this space or block this page as you wish . Either ways you cant blame me for not warning .

My YATRA begins thus ...

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